Shameless self promotion – consider yourself warned, stop reading now if you can’t stand it. Off the Record yesterday, the ultra charismatic Michael Landsberg put me in the hot seat for a segment called Next Question – a series of questions delivered rapid-fire about sports and celebrities covering everyone from Derek Jeter to Tara Reid to Yao Ming to John Travolta to Tom Cruise. To check out the clip, click here and head to TSN Broadband and from the “Shows” heading at the top right corner select OTR. Britney’s hoo hoo actually gets a mention. Next – received a delightfully nasty piece of hatemail the other day from Carol Tuper in Nebraska in defence of Jessica Simpson: Lainey, How dare you! How dare you insult Jessica Simpson! Do you know how it feels to go through a divorce? Of course not. People like you don’t have compassion and respect. You probably talk like a valley girl and dress like a whore. ********** Well actually Carol, sorry to disappoint, but I don’t dress like a whore at all. I DO however talk like a Valley Girl and I cuss like a trucker, as evidenced on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos on Monday when “sh-t” just slipped out on national television. If you haven’t and you’re interested, watch the clip here. As for my mother – The Hour regularly asks guests on the show to describe their “Best Story Ever”. Mine of course involved The Chicken and an imitation of how she squawks. The video can beviewed here and the last word at the end should be “embarrassed” and NOT “embarrassing”. Apparently I’m becoming as degenerate as our smutty subjects.