Jessica Simpson’s career is in deep sh*t. She can’t sell a movie, she can’t sell pop music so she’s trying her hand at country music… but now Texas hates her ass. And if her home state hates her ass, how the hell is she going to move a country record?

Blame Joe Simpson. Joe Simpson, who has cocked it up for her one way or another while managing her steadily declining career, Joe Simpson is apparently once again responsible for Jessica’s latest failure. When things were looking so promising, too.

Jess, you see, after too many months of heartbreak, after getting pissed on and dumped by John Mayer, appeared to have finally found a nice boy. Tony Romo was the new son of Texas, young QB of the Dallas Cowboys who just signed a brand new multi year multi million dollar contract. It was a match made in Texas heaven.

Until her father suggested she turn up at one of his games and flaunt her hair and her tits up to the cameras. The Cowboys suffered their worst defeat of the season that day and everyone turned on Jess.

Still…they made the playoffs. They finished the season 13-3 tying the Dallas record for best season ever. And Cowboys fans were open to forgiveness.

Until they found out Tony went to Cabo with Jess during the bye week – a needless distraction.

And how did they find out???

Word is they found out because Papa Perv Joe Simpson tipped off the press and the paps, resulting in photos of the couple with her parents and a few Dallas teammates enjoying their free time. Which is why when Tony got home, the only thing the press focused on was his trip.

Now that the Cowboys season is officially over…Jessica Simpson is once again, unfairly, Enemy #1.

Girl, you HAVE to fire your father. Seriously. Before Romo cuts and runs.

Then again, Jessica Simpson is so stupid she probably thinks losing is a good thing. Because now he can spend more time with her. Jessica Simpson is That Girl, non?

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