Gotta tell you…Lilo"s nose comes a very close 2nd to Courteney"s. So proud of her too that she kept the dirty face at bay at the Hollywood Awards last night. Small steps, right? Problem is - those pupils. Is it just me? Are they teeny teeny dots in two pools of blue/green gorgessity? Is this natural? Or is it the new milkshake? Just asking… Off topic for a second… You ever notice that she"s always posing with her lips half parted? I love the lips half parted pose when it"s done right. Lilo does it right. She does it right because it doesn"t remind me of a penis. Jessica Simpson and Victoria Beckham on the other hand do it very very wrong. Hence the term Cocksucking Lips. In case you were wondering - I can"t do it right either. At the risk of embarassing myself, I"ve tried…and failed miserably. Not that my attempt is particularly cock-ish, just that I end up looking bewildered but not beguiling, unlike Lindsay Lohan who does lips half parted to perfection. Source