The Bad Gay Influence

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 25, 2008 07:55:07 July 25, 2008 07:55:07

It’s a shocking title. Because normally you’d think there really is no such thing. But Ken Paves is an anomaly. Ken Paves is, maybe, the only gay on the face of the earth whose hag always looks WORSE when he’s around.

Consider the magnitude of this statement: Jessica Simpson is more attractive under the watch of her locker room stinky, football playing, jock strap wearing boyfriend than she is with her Main ‘Mo.

Ken Paves should be ashamed of himself.

This is Jessica in NYC last night, in town to shoot some ad for Macy’s, out for dinner with her hairdresser. She is a beautiful girl, with such a pretty face, but the hair. It’s so old. And the dress. It’s so tacky. And the shoes. They may be the rage but they don’t rage for porny girls who can’t pull class. Everyone has limitations, see? I have fat arms, no eyelashes, tits that overwhelm my waist, and a dumpy ass.

Jessica Simpson has man legs. Man legs are sh*t in certain shoes. She happens to always pick those shoes. And Ken Paves probably encourages it.

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