Apparently it’s over between them. Which, if you noticed, is actually why her hair has been looking better lately.

E! reports that Ken Paves had his ass twisted over something “petty” and a huge fight ensued and that Porny has now been permanently replaced by Eva Longoria. Jessica is said to be devastated.

She is always the one who is devastated. Why can’t she ever come out the winner? Just once why can’t she?

Reconciliation? There have been a few signs over Twitter that their sh-t might be thawing out and Ken insists that all’s good and that they’re still tight but the fact remains they haven’t been seen together in forever. Now she’s trying to forget her main gay by throwing everything she has at the boyfriend.

Here they are in New York yesterday. A new school year and he’s not enrolled. She can’t bear to be apart from him. And why would he want to bust his ass studying when she takes care of everything?

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