Porny so happy

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 7, 2009 16:34:07 January 7, 2009 16:34:07

As her friend, I’m happy for her. Like the good friend vibes are working, you know? Just because we don’t speak, doesn’t mean the energy isn’t there. Celebrities talk about “energy” all the time. We’ve all been sending her the true friend energy, right? The energy to avoid high waisted pants. The energy to be strong against that backstabbing country hag Carrie Underwood. The energy to stop saying stupid gushy sh-t about her boyfriend. The last bit needs some work but still…

She’s looking less porny and more happy. And this is good.

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo arrived in LA today, hand in hand, radiating solid togetherness even though he’s probably been a sulky bitch about sucking ass this season. Am going to assume that she must be a bright spot in his life. After getting urinated on, literally, by John Mayer douchebag, she deserves it. He’s still not worth $6 million a year on the field but at least he makes her happy. I like a happy Porny. Friends only want the best for each other.

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