Porny and her KFed are in Paris. The photo agency is trying to tell me it’s all romantic and sh-t. Paris is indeed romantic. Paris was probably, so far, the best trip Jacek and I have ever taken. It was London first, then Paris, then the South of France, then Poland. And in Paris, walking everywhere, or taking the metro, and eating constantly, and drinking wine, and seeing everything, and he loved the Eiffel Tower so much, especially at night when it lights up – yeah we’re cheesy gross tourists – it was full on bliss all the time, every single day.

But we were alone.

Not with assistants or parents or whatever it is that Jessica Simpson needs to be attending to her all the time.

This is the thing about her kind of celebrity – and they’re more common than you think. I don’t know if she can do anything for herself anymore. Can she pack? Can she figure out how to take a taxi? Can she look online for a train schedule? Can she make a reservation? Probably not right? How much romance can there be when an employee is trailing you around making sure your sh-t is being held together?

There are certainly benefits to being rich and famous. Of course. You have help. You have access and resources. But at some point, no matter how rich and how famous, wouldn’t you want to do something on your own? Or is that just a poor person’s inclination?

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