Jessica Simpson's baby shower happened yesterday. Some celebrities showed up. It was an embarrassment of gifts. She does, after all, have her own on a billion dollar business. Or maybe it's just me. I've never been comfortable with the idea of registries etc for people having fancy weddings and pricy pregnancies. I mean, if you need me to buy your gravy boat, why are you spending so much money on the ice sculptures?

As if Jessica Simpson needs someone to buy her some onesies. Then again, without a baby shower, there would be no pictures to sell.

I'm told that the exclusive rights to the baby shower images were being shopped around for $90,000. And the first shots of the child for her first cover are on offer for a million. Not sure if there have been any buyers.


For us, the civilians, that's a lot of cash money, of course. For them, the celebrities, and a celebrity with her, ahem, empire? It's change. It's a bottle of champagne for Beyonce. Which, you'll note, even Beyonce gave her B.I.C.'s photos away for free.  

As I always say, match the f-cking amount and then give it away. Unless of course you hook up with a freeloader who passes up Wharton to sit around and fart with you on the couch.