It’s official, even though you’ve known about for almost a month now -- Jessica Simpson confirmed her pregnancy by posting a photo of her daughter Maxwell in “BIG SIS” pose and announcing it via a new commercial for Weight Watchers (posted below).

Then, conveniently, the paps converged in Hawaii where Porny’s on holiday with her family. She and her freeloader were photographed walking up and down the beach, holding hands, beaming with joy. You’ll note however that she did not join her sister Ashlee, mom Tina, nephew Bronx, her baby, and her baby father later on, apparently because she’s so tired, you know, just SO TIRED, from all the weight-losing and the child-rearing. THIS is what we’re all supposed to be relating to...

And you know why?

Because Jessica Simpson lost over 50 lbs and “did not have to be perfect to do it”:

Oh, is that all it took?

“Not being perfect”?

It didn’t help that there was a $4 million paycheque attached? And that losing weight was, really, for the most part, her only job responsibility?

This is what we’re being encouraged to congratulate and celebrate then: Jessica Simpson “not being perfect”. That’s the Weight Watchers sales pitch -- come lose weight with us, because Jessica Simpson did it by “not being perfect”. She never bothers to try. And if that’s the message they to sell us on, well, they don’t think very highly of us, do they?