I don’t think I’ve received a single email disagreeing about my position on Porny’s pregnancy style: that it’s remarkably superior to her non-pregnancy style, as in it’s GOOD style.

Crazy talk, right?

But look at her, stringing together win after win this week in New York in her maternity clothes. Finally finding the proportion in her choices in length and fit and tightness and/or looseness. Like last night, at the launch of her teen line, in an animal print baby doll dress with a cropped leather jacket.

No, I’m not lying to you.

Yes. That IS Jessica Simpson.

I know!!!!

As for her sister...

Jessica Simpson Girls is their collaboration - in other words, a pretend job for Ashlee which, I guess that seems fair because Porny isn’t exactly a designer either. Why not share it with family? She’s loyal to her family, this one. Sometimes to her own detriment. (See her father.) After all, with the success of the Jessica Simpson label, Jessica could have put the teen line out on her own, without any fake input from Ashlee, and it would be the same result, guaranteed. SHE is the draw. Always has been.

Loyalty is good. Porny’s problem is that she’s also sweetly gullible and not that smart. (See her fiancé. And John Mayer.)