Remember when she looked like this and all you bumpwatch obsessed immediately concluded that she must be pregnant.


Is Jessica Simpson stupid enough to harm her baby with the drank?


But the people around her should probably be aware of the harmful effects that margaritas and tequila shots can have on an unborn child. That’s what Page Six says she was throwing back the other night in New York with the golddigger fiancé and her dad.

She and the future husband are now back in Los Angeles after a couple of weeks in NYC. They were papped on the way to the airport. It’s the first time in a long time I really like what she’s wearing. Thanks to Jennifer G for letting me know that that cute t-shirt is Mondo Guerra. Apparently when she was on Project Runway, after Nina Garcia and Michael Kors pronounced his designs unwearable, Porny declared that she would. And she kept her promise.

I am as shocked as you are. Not that she stayed true to her word but that she was right. Jesus. How did this happen?

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