Oh Porny.

Am told by sources exclusively that Jessica Simpson fired her band last week after suspending the tour. She’s taking a year off. Which essentially means the label doesn’t want her, that country music doesn’t want her, that she needs to find something else to do.

And if it’s up to her father that could mean making money representing weight loss companies.

Girl, don’t do it.

Instead, and this makes me sad to say, the only thing Jess might be good at is reality tv. The Real Wags of the NFL. They did a scripted show about it a few years ago…but this, this should be like Real Housewives of Orange County/Atlanta/New York with the NFL twist. And Jessica Simpson as the lead WAG, living with Tony Romo in Dallas, working on her “clothing line” and “writing” her diet book, and crying about how all the other WAGs hate her because she’s famous and getting a cheerleader fired for flirting with her quarterback.

Please. You would watch. Don’t lie you would totally watch.


File photos from WENN.com