Why does Porny hate the gym? Well, I can't say I love the gym. The gym isn't the funnest place ever. For Porny though, the gym sucks extra hard because, essentially, this is a lazy person with a lazy mind. If she had it her way, she'd sit on the couch and fart all day. Porny probably also isn't into the gym because it appears that her golddigger isn't going with her. Why bother? He has that sh-t locked up already. He can let his gut grow.

Porny on the other hand wants to tighten up for the wedding. As noted last week, she's signed on with Gwyneth Paltrow's trainer and business partner Tracy Anderson to help her remodel her body. Here she is yesterday looking tired after a workout. So Tracy's busting her ass? That's good. It's not a workout unless your ass is busted.

The problem with Porny though is motivation. Me too. I can look ahead to an event and stay on track. Sometimes though, when the event is over, I experience a let-down. Right now, Porny’s all over it because she needs to look good in the photos. After all, Daddy Joe has likely already signed the magazine deal. After that? I’m going to say that Tracy Anderson will see her a lot less often.

You can stop reading here if you’re not into the non-gossip.

Thank you for the enormous response yesterday to the Colin Farrell/trainer post. Click here if you missed it. I am very honoured that so many of you took the time to write and to share your fitness experiences. We are taking a few more days to gather and sort through your messages to see how best to respond in a way that addresses unique concerns but covers a wide range of questions. It’s Spring, right? Maybe we can do this together before the Summer?

In the meantime, Hayley, my trainer, been all over my blackberry, every day with what’s expected of me while I’m here in LA. Yesterday was a serious cardio session. Today it’s a circuit. If you’re interested, I’ve attached the programme below which is based on 6 minutes of strength followed by 3 minutes of running:

Circuit 1
20 push-ups
20 bent over rows each side
20 bicep curls
20 tricep push-ups
60 seconds of punching with 3 or 5 lb weights in each hand (pretend you’re boxing!)

Then run at 6.5 for 3 minutes

Circuit 2
20 walking lunges
20 hamstring curls
20 side leg lifts
20 squats
60 second wall sit

Then run at 7.0 for 3 minutes

Circuit 3
60 seconds front plank
20 full sit-ups
20 seconds bicycle abs
20 “e-centric sit-ups” – quick up, slow all the way down
20 weighted woodchops with a lunge

Then run at 7.5 for 3 minutes

Repeat all circuits and all runs

If an hour is not over by the time the circuits have been completed, do 15 jump squats followed by 12 push-ups twice, then an incline power walk at 9% at 4.0. Stretch.

Photos from Fame