Post divorce, Jessica Simpson has the worst taste in men. And the same taste as Jennifer Aniston. John Mayer, now Gerard Butler?

So says Page Six, reporting today that Porny had dinner with Spittle on Tuesday, accompanied by friends but totally cocooned in their own imaginary bubble, eventually leaving the restaurant together…for more?

Great. First it’s a douchebag who pissed on her, then a spineless quarterback, and now Hollywood’s most verbally moist sleaze, a chauvinist pig who demeans women over and over again – click here for another example. And still these MiniVan idiots, they keep believing he’s the Phantom.

Porny has no chance against this prick. None. Best case scenario, a one night stand and he doesn’t call her back. Worst case scenario, he actually convinces her to fall. And she does. And it’s a disaster. And she goes straight for the high waist pants.

She’d never recover from another case of the high waist pants.

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