My Porny was in New York yesterday with her ma to present her new line Jessica Simpson Jeanswear. She already makes a sh-tload of money from her shoe and accessory line (her shoes are actually not bad at all for the price point), and at recommended retail of just $20-$24, this new venture should also be a success too. See? Porny can win. And she wins often. It’s just that when she loses, she loses quite spectacularly.

On this day however there were no losses. She looked great(ish), her tits were reined in, there was much to celebrate, she went out for dinner after, proudly flaunting her own brand and her NKOTB tee, and nobody broke up with her. It’s almost been a year though. Since Tony Romo sent her a text message to tell her it was over on her birthday. Porny turns 30 in two weeks. It’ll be splashy, I can feel it.

Photos from Jackson Lee/ and Jamie McCarthy/