Only Jessica Simpson can turn a plain white t-shirt into a titty top. How massive must they be if it’s cleavy even under plain cotton? Having said that, see how cute she is, and so much more presentable, when she’s in casuals and not stuffed into some disastrous party dress?

Jessica Simpson presented her jeans collection last night in New York surrounded by friends and family and of course attached to her boyfriend Eric Johnson who, as you know, has nowhere else to be anyway.

Hers is a multimillion dollar business. A very successful one. And I’ll say this – those shoes of hers, the ones that bear her name, while not my personal preference, at the price point and for the target market, they’re actually not bad. Even my friend Sasha, style producer at etalk, and my hardass fashion friend who will tell me when my ass is oozy when I can’t see it, even she has conceded that when taken on their value – I mean we’re not comparing it to Balenciaga here – Porny puts out, ahem, decent products.

In other words, her brand, unlike other celebrities, surprisingly doesn’t suck. It’s a lucrative endeavour. She’s not a failed entrepreneur. And still we keep thinking of her as a loser. It’s a great paradox. You can credit her executives and the actual brains who have to run the sh-t every day but then again, she’s not alone in that regard either. It’s not like the other stars call all the shots either. In this regard, it’s probably a level playing field.

If only she had the same ability to delegate her personal life.

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