t’s not quite the high waisted horrors… but it’s not far from. It’s not far from at all.

Porny in a romper, prepare yourself.

Jessica Simpson went out for lunch yesterday with a friend. She thought it would be a good day for a romper and some heels. I’m all over the romper too. Initially I couldn’t, especially since I have to pee so often, but the romper is just so easy and so free, I wore my spotted romper all over the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with converse and it was so comfortable, like jammies.

This however, this does not look comfortable. This looks, I don’t know, like a permanent wedge that needs to be picked out of your ass.

Study the distance between the belt and the crotch. That is all kinds of a bad proportion, a mathematical abomination, and what some of you would call a very ugly word that starts with G.

And despite all this, Porny has something Jennifer Aniston doesn’t but desperately wants: a real boyfriend. Life is such a motherf-cker.

Photos from NPG