Tony Romo is very, very serious about Jessica Simpson. Because he’s implying that she’s much more than just a girlfriend. The message is that she’s almost a wife. Like a common-law wife, wifely enough to be included in the 2008 Cowboys Family Cookbook presented by “the wives of the Dallas Cowboys”.

Jessica and Tony offer their recipes for a banana smoothie and no fat broccoli and cherry tomatoes.


To Cowboys fans?

In Texas?


But the point is this: our girl has found a guy who doesn’t appear to be running away from the commitment. Right now he’s a loser on the football field but whatever, at least he’s not a mouth-running douche calling audibles with the paps. She keeps gushing about him and he hasn’t taken off. She keeps serenading him with country mush and he’s sticking around. And Joe Simpson finally backed the f-ck off? It’s a miracle.

Click here for the recipes. They don’t come close to GOOP.

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