Rough night, Porners?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 25, 2011 09:00:49 January 25, 2011 09:00:49

Porny Jessica Simpson took her freeloader out for dinner last night. They went to Katsuya. Too much sake? He had to hold on to her to make sure she didn’t bail on those heels. But that is a crazy weave, non? And it’s actually not that bad either, comparatively speaking. Hers for example is far superior to Lilo’s and Fried Chicken Britney’s.

Yesterday when I wrote about Porny’s public Twitter gushing – click here for a refresher – I hated on her use of the word “Tush” when describing KFed Simpson’s ass. Then I posited that Asshat is a lame insult.

Many of you didn’t know what Asshat is either. And others emailed with a definition. Something about wearing an ass as a hat because it’s so far up your ass…?

But that’s the point. A great diss doesn’t require explanation. You know it as soon as you hear it. When you call someone an Asshat, and they’re all like – what the f-ck is that, is that supposed to bring me down?, you’ve kinda failed at the mission.

Bitch. Asshole. Dickhead. Prick. Loser. Twat. Motherf-cker. Piece of sh-t. It’s self-explanatory and instant.

Look at that drunk twat wobbling around on the arm of her useless loser lazy motherf-cker >>>> Look at that drunk twat wobbling around on the arm of her useless loser lazy asshat.

See? MUCH better. Which is more than I can say for her. At this rate, if she can’t even walk around with him, imagine how much influence he has on everything else?

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