It’s like talking to a toddler. When everyone gathers around to watch as she successfully puts one foot in front of the other without falling, or goes to the bathroom by herself, or speaks in a short proper sentence for the first time.

What a good girl!

Who’s a smart girl?!?

That’s a big girl sitting in her big girl chair!

This is how I feel when our Porny manages not to embarrass herself in public, when she dresses appropriately, when she successfully navigates a flight of stairs, while smiling, and doesn’t fall on her ass. When she can say something coherent without forgetting the words.

I am clapping and patting her on the head.

What a good girl!

Here’s Jessica Simpson in New York yesterday looking very good in jeans and boots and a white wrap and maybe a little too much bronzer, out and about before watching Ashlee perform again in Chicago and then out for dinner with her later on.

The problem with Porny, unlike developing children however, is that she can’t maintain forward progress. It’s always a step back after a step forward. Watch. It’s coming.

Photos from Ron Asadorian/