Been saying it forever: when she’s stripped down of all her tacky ass stylings, Jessica Simpson is so much more attractive. She has great skin, she looks so much younger, she is SO pretty. Especially with a winter flush. See?

Jess is in New York with her mom to visit her sister Ashlee and will presumably be spending the holidays there as Ashlee’s run in Chicago goes until February. The Simpsons in the City. And so far no Ken Paves. Otherwise we’d be seeing an aging Vegas dancer with her tits wrapped around her neck like a scarf. That bitch encourages the Porny. When he’s not around, it’s like Porny gets shoved in a drawer. Where she belongs.

As for whether or not Jess will be hooking up with Billy Corgan while she’s in town – rumour has it, she’s going away with him for NYE. Nothing slamdunk just yet. Will keep you posted.

Photos from Jackson Lee/