I stopped by the supermarket yesterday and while I was waiting in line to pay Porny’s Pants were everywhere. Almost every cover. There’s Porny in her high waisted atrocity, one breast fighting the other breast underneath that black tank, more famous than she’s been in years. Years.

So famous, even President Obama referenced her yesterday during a Super Bowl interview with Matt Lauer. Barack Obama and Jessica Simpson. For real.

Maybe her label won’t be so quick to dump her. Papa Joe is probably already negotiating with People Magazine. The point is…

Don’t feel badly for Porny. Porny doesn’t need your sympathy. Porny’s doing just fine. And this is Porny yesterday in Charleston, West Virginia singing her heart out, telling the audience that “she has a guy in her life that reminds her that she is beautiful. And that she was a minister's daughter and she was taught that all the judgment you went through doesn't matter, what only matters is you and God.”

God sells records. And Porny Pants save careers.

Don’t you love how this sh-t works in Hollywood?

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com