The Misrepresentation of Jessica Simpson

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 6, 2013 20:34:44 February 6, 2013 20:34:44 posted two images yesterday from Porny’s upcoming Spring collection. I clicked on the article last night and..well...Jacek has a new blend. It helped soothe my violence.

Retouching is not new. Retouching is almost... standard. And the debate is constant as to how this contributes to poor self esteem and unrealistic body image aspirations because, more often than not, photos are retouched to celebrate only one type of body image.

For the better part of a year now, since Weight Watchers decided to pay her millions of dollars to become their spokesperson, Jessica Simpson has been telling us that she doesn’t have that body. That she doesn’t look like a model. That she has curves. And, most importantly, that she’s not only ok with her meat, she also has no desire to mold her meat to fit someone else’s standard.

Porny tells PEOPLE that these ads were shot in November, before she announced her second pregnancy, having cleansed off her first baby weight. November. NOVEMBER??????

Take a look at this picture:

It’s a lovely picture. But is this a true representation of Jessica November? Of 2012?

Here’s what Jessica Simpson looked like in October of 2012 when she was papped in LA:

A lovely picture.

Here’s what Jessica Simpson looked like in November 2012 when she was papped in LA:

This too is a lovely picture. And those are lovely legs. They are toned and muscular and strong. But they are NOT THE SAME LEGS that are shown in the ad. She hasn’t had these legs since Dukes Of Hazzard. And while I feel gross having to point that out, I’m only pointing it out because she’s trying to play me like this is actually her own body.

None of it is her own.

Those legs are definitely not her own. Which means she’s telling us that her own legs are INFERIOR to the legs that you see in the ad. Because...they’re thicker?

Thicker = Inferior?

F-ck you.

F-ck you to all the assholes who retouch that which is perfectly fine but an even bigger f-ck you to Jessica Simpson for suggesting that the kind of body that sells weight loss plans is not the kind of body that can sell clothing.


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