Proud of Porny ...and Jeremy Renner?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 4, 2010 09:04:14 March 4, 2010 09:04:14

She was on Oprah yesterday promoting her new VH1 show The Price of Beauty. Filmed last year, Jessica Simpson travelled around the world on a beauty journey joined by her best friend CaCee Cobb and her main ‘mo and hair stylist Ken Paves. The purpose, I think, is/was to show how f-cked up our beauty standards have become and to celebrate the most enlightened beauty standards from other cultures and/or examine the damaging ones in the hopes that those practices can soon be weeded out. So yeah, let’s ignore the part where her hair and makeup are perfect in every shot.

Instead, focus on the positive. Porny did a great job. She was sensitive, she was compassionate, she was cute and funny and endearing – as I’ve noted several times, Porny is not Ebola Paris Hilton, Porny does not have bad intentions. Porny’s problem is that she’s dumb and spoiled. She’s been indulged. And that combination results in some stupid sh-t. Occasionally though, when the dumb and spoiled don’t get in the way, Porny can show her spirit. And it’s not an unkind spirit. When engaged and stimulated, her spirit can surprise you. And she was given the opportunity to do that yesterday with the Mighty Opes.

As for her response to the John Mayer question – well done too. Honest, firm, not bitchy... I’m really, really so proud of her. She did beautifully. Next: we must work on the Fight. It’s one thing to go on Oprah and talk about how sh-tty it felt to be called fat and to have John Mayer broadcast your sex life, it’s entirely another when you’re always getting bagged on without a strong offensive in return.

Tina Fey revealed that when Ebola Hilton hosted SNL a few years ago, that piece of sh-t wanted to do sketches about Jessica Simpson being fat. Ebola has meangirled Porny on several occasions. Wouldn’t it be amazing if it ended up being Jessica who ultimately takes that bitch down?

Re: Jessica and Jeremy Renner – is reporting that the two were super flirty at Guy Oseary’s party and that Jeremy was hitting on her strong eventually leaving with her phone number. People does not specify however when all this went down and Renner was table hopping when I was out for dinner last night. Was still there when I left. Perhaps he came after. Whatever. It’s a good prospect for her. After all, he is an Oscar nominee. Now I’m puffing my chest out like a very pleased mother hen.

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