Orly Bloom tried to flee the scene yesterday after his car accident. Never mind that his passengers were injured and ended up being taken to hospital. For some reason, he felt the need to book it… until the paps warned him he’d have his ass skinned if he pulled a hit and run.

So he stayed.

Wonder where he was rushing off to?

Well… check out how lovely Jessica Simpson looked last night out for dinner with her dog Daisy. And if she looked anything like this when they supposedly got it on the other night it’s understandable why Orly’d be so eager to see her.

Still. How insensitive do you have to be to take off on a bleeding friend???

PS. Celebrities are so lucky. I would give anything to take my Marcus with me to a restaurant. Little f&cker always gives me the sucky face when I leave him at home alone.

This is Marcus in his Halloween costume. He’s going as David Beckham.