Porny's freeloader took her to lunch today in Santa Monica presumably to celebrate Valentine's. As you can see, she's in pink, the prototype for Pregnant Barbie if they ever released one on the market. Is Pink the official colour of the expectant? Why? Why isn't it forest green? Forest green is fertile. Forest green is nature. Forest green is breathing life. Or why not a rich, earthy maroon, a brown undertone? It's ground and growth. It's bread and blood, brown in some light for beginnings.

But pink?

I've mentioned it (click here for a refresher) before re: Jennifer Garner dressed like a pink cake at TIFF a couple of years ago -- pink and pregnant infantilisation. Pink is a colour that traditionally -- and I know there's a movement to reverse that which is why the word here is "traditionally" -- has no power association. Some have argued that marketing pink to the pregnant serves the patriarch because of how it reduces them in cuteness, period. Like, look at her all round and blush, doing what she was meant to do and that's it, not to be taken seriously. Agree or disagree? Sensible or totally stupid? There's something to it or f-ck off bra-burners, it's just a colour?