$3-4 million is a pretty nice number.

Are you sure it’s not about the numbers?

It’s ONLY about the f-cking numbers.

Let’s talk about some of the dumbness that has been coming out of Porny’s mouth this week as she promotes her try to be thinness all over New York.

Oh no wait, let’s talk first about how much fake hair she has. We all agree, right? Like we can move on immediately?

Jessica will not reveal how much weight she’s lost so far. It’s definitely more than 40 lbs, she confirms, but she won’t get fixated on the exact amount because:

“It’s really not about the numbers. I’ve lost enough weight where I can pat myself on the back.”

Not about the numbers?

If it’s not about the numbers, why isn’t it called Happiness Watchers? Or Fulfillment Watchers? It’s called WEIGHT Watchers. THE MEASUREMENT FOR WEIGHT IS A F-CKING NUMBER. You can’t measure weight in feelings. You can’t measure weight in hugs. You can ONLY MEASURE WEIGHT IN DIGITS.

People only say “it’s not about the numbers” when they’re trying to convince you that their motivation for losing weight is not vanity. This is what “not about the numbers” is about. There’s nothing spiritual about it. There’s nothing holistic about it. There’s nothing lifestyle about it either, especially not when you’re being PAID to use a particular program. And, while we’re at it, hers is a program that builds in regular WEIGH-INS to measure your progress.

F-ck you it’s not about the numbers.

It’s only not about the numbers when you’re fronting like you’re some kind of role model, an inspirational hero for the regular woman. And you know what? The regular woman cares about the numbers.

And f-ck you too that “I didn't want the big body reveal moment ... It wasn't me."

If that’s not you who’s this?

In 3 months when she master cleanses off another 10 lbs, you’ll see her in a f-cking crop top, how about that?

And finally, about this video, which I’ll embed below, what infuriates me most is the last thing she says, the last thing people hear when they watch:

“I just want to be a better version of myself.”

(Why can’t she move her teeth when she talks? It makes me want to grind mine.)




Oh, sh-t, well thanks.

As for all that money she’ll get paid -- Porny claims she won’t see the cheque until she reaches her goal. Like that’s supposed to make her the same as you. They’re paying HER to lose weight and you pay THEM to do the same. What does it matter when the cash comes? It’s still COMING.

Attached - Porny leaving New York today.

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