Not saying it to sound like a bra burner either. To me, this is Porny at her sexiest. Super casual, dressed down, no makeup to trannify her features – Jessica Simpson has a pretty face. A very pretty face. She doesn’t need to hitch her tits up to her eyeballs or Texas curl her hair, so when she strips down the adornments, the real Jess is the most attractive Jess.

She was photographed in sweats yesterday at LAX with her dog Daisy. In yellow sweats. And here’s another thing: sweats are like pants too. There’s a hot way to wear them. There’s also an illegal way to wear them and Plaxico Burress is a f-cking idiot.

Jess is wearing them the hot way. With the right amount of bagginess and no sagginess, tucked into her boots just so, cute and wholesome with a little mystery – you know there’s a body under there. What makes it sexy is when you have to wonder about it. Instead of having it shoved in your face.

These are the things a real girlfriend could teach her.

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