In her first ad for Weight Watchers, Jessica Simpson was only shot from the neck up, presumably because she’d not reached her goal. Which, you know, is a lovely message, non? If you don’t reach your goal, it means you are hideous and no one wants to see you between your shoulders and your knees. Is that the Weight Watchers philosophy? To identify when it is that you should feel shame and when it is that you can go ahead and “revel in the light”?

Look at this.

This is Porny’s follow-up. She’s good enough now, see?, to be photographed full body. She’s thin again. And the way to reward and validate thinness is to celebrate it under the glory of the sun…

Well no wonder we hate ourselves.

And we’ll keep raising more girls to hate themselves.

Porny’s new ads for Weight Watchers, filmed late November, will start airing on December 25. Oh good! Just in time to sh-t on us during the holidays. Nothing like a lazy fart making $3 million by simply eating right to remind you that, you know, if she can do it, you should be able to too.