This is Jessica Simpson out for dinner the other night with her freeloader. They were there with Ashlee Simpson, her boyfriend Evan Ross, and Cacee Cobb and Donald Faison. As you can see though, the main attraction was the Tit Shelf. It’s like she’s trying to breastfeed herself. She could very well breastfeed the entire table.

It’s her body, right? She has a right to do whatever she wants with her body, right? And it’s unfair of us to talk about or judge her body, right?

Well, last week Porny was talking about her body because she’s SELLING her body. It’s Weight Watchers time again, didn’t you know? And it’s time for Jessica Simpson to associate her body value with the amount of weight she’s lost. It’s time to associate pregnancy with weight. It’s time to measure how good we are by how much we lose. It’s time to decide how good we feel with how skinny we can be. And isn’t that your favourite message?

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