One of the arguments against the fact that Beyonce was really carrying the Throne Child was that she was wearing heels during her pregnancy all the time. Many a sanctimonious mother insisted that “when I was pregnant, there was NO WAY I could get my feet into heels”.

Victoria Beckham did it. Blue Ivy’s mother did it. And Jessica Simpson is doing it, seen here last night out for dinner with freeloader and her sister. There’s no doubt that Porny is expecting, right? I mean, we don’t suspect there’s a surrogate walking around with her kid, do we?

This is how pregnancy looks in Hollywood: sitting atop 6 inch Atwoods.

There was a story that came out a couple weeks ago about how Jessica would deliver: c-section or traditional push? You probably already know my thoughts on this issue. That girl is so lazy I actually can’t imagine her putting in the effort. That said, if there was any celebrity to get grossly candid about natural childbirth, like photos and sh-t, it would be her. And, from the perspective of Good Gossip, I really, really want that to happen. I remember my friend J telling me that no one talks about the fact that when you’re pushing, a lot poo comes out with it too. Sometimes all over the walls. I almost can’t wait for Jessica Simpson to discuss this. Not being facetious either.