I was with a friend last night who’s having some relationship problems. She’s been dating a guy and everything was great the last time they saw each other and now he hasn’t called or texted in a week. Nothing. She’s texted twice and left one voice message. At this point, she’s ready to just walk. She refuses to hound him until he picks up and has to deal with her. It’s done.

What would Jessica Simpson do?


Love letters, love twitters, icing slathered all over her tits, waiting for hours outside his house, calling every five minutes...

I know the right thing to say here is that pride has no place in love and if you feel like it you should just go for it because the biggest regret in love is to not follow your heart ...

But goddamn does that really mean doing sh-t like this?

Tweeting photos of your boyfriend and captioning them with:

“I have a major crush on you.”

Granted I am not the most demonstrative person. I don’t give great hugs. I don’t radiate warmth. Is it just me? Maybe she’s a better person for having been burned so many times and loved less so often and still capable of this kind of romantic optimism. But where I come from, we just call it stupid.

Photos from Jackson Lee/Splashnewsonline.com and INF