This is Jessica Simpson with her freeloader yesterday celebrating her nephew’s 3rd birthday. As you well know Porny is now pregnant with her own. Us Weekly reports that she will be signing with Weight Watchers after she gives birth to lose all her baby gain. Apparently she’ll have a year to get skinny. The deal is supposed to be worth 4 million dollars.

Needless to say, getting pregnant these days is a career move, although it remains to be seen whether or not Jessica has the motivation to make it happen. This after all is a girl who spends most of her day on her couch, farting.

Here’s what doesn’t make sense to me: Jessica said she’s going to go into labour in stilettos, YSL to be exact, but I have a hard time believing she’s going to get out her UGGs. I also wonder who got paid more – Mimi for Jenny or Porny for WW.