I’m not trashing Jessica Simpson for losing her dog. She might be dumb as f-ck with poor taste in men, pathetic and sad and stylistically challenged, but when it comes to the death of Daisy, I’m not jumping on the hate train with Martha Stewart and so many others, especially when she’s grieving a tragedy, no matter if it was preventable. Maybe it’s because I have a dog too. And there have been times when I haven’t put Marcus’s leash on quickly enough and he’s dashed across the street or followed a scent into the trail. Most dog owners have similar stories.

Jessica Simpson is not Ebola Hilton. She does not collect dogs like belts only to let them rot away by themselves, neglecting them, abandoning them, using them only when it’s convenient. No one is more sad than Jessica that Daisy is gone. Genuinely sad.

Let’s go back to ragging on her for other reasons then, shall we?

This is Jessica en route to London with her dad and her main gay Ken Paves. Probably something to do with her “real beauty” programme for which she needs to be accompanied always by her personal hairstylist. Is this irony?

Don’t ask me to explain the running tights with pumps. I am more fixated on her gait. She has the worst, most unattractive gait ever and it’s only compounded when she wears high heels. It’s actually similar to Britney’s. Perhaps the turned out feet thing?

Photos from ALMASI/Bauergriffinonline.com