Jessica Simpson tweeted the photo below the other day with the accompanying message:

I met a wonderful man. Damn I'm lucky!

Are you really? Or are you just really dumb?

Everything about this screams sad. How she’s looking up at him adoringly, how she considers herself to be fortunate, as opposed to the other way around – after all, we’re not actually sure what Eric Johnson does for a living, and since he dropped out of a graduate school, it’s not totally unbelievable when his ex-wife keeps telling people that he’s out of cash money. As I said recently, there’s a KFed out there for everyone. It just depends on whether or not you can avoid him.

Porny is not only not avoiding him, she’s practically begging to make two quick babies with him. And to pay him for life.

Duana just said, when I showed this to her, maybe some girls just won’t be saved. Not can’t, but WON’T.

Is it a little old school? Are we supposed to accept that love is love and should be declared whenever, often, without fear of Swingers-style retribution and player game analysis?

Sure... I guess.

But this is not our world. And it’s definitely not her world. She lives in Hollywood for f-cks sake. Not exactly the place where they abide by chicken soup life lessons and agree to refrain from judging. Why would he need to work for anything when she’s making it so easy?

Attached – Porny in New York last night in town ahead of Fashion Week. She’s now promoting her denim line. And she keeps talking to me on my radio about it. Have you heard the ads (in Canada)?

Ha. Ah’m Jessica Simpson. You should git mah jeans. I luuuuhve them and yore gon’ luuuuuhve them too.

It’s the strangest thing to be driving along, across a bridge, and suddenly Porny’s twang is your ear, and all the visuals you automatically associate with her – giants tits squeezing into a pair of jeans. So random.

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