Jessica Simpson’s been pretty quiet lately. She had her son. She sold her son’s photos to US Weekly. She’s kept a low profile, perhaps getting Weight Watchers ready for her next “your self-worth is on your scale” campaign.

Last night Porny went out for dinner with her freeloader and her daughter. Then she went home and tweeted this:

Like Porny’s the kind of recording artist who feels music as part of her soul and isn’t right when she’s away from it for too long…what?!?

How’s she going to motivate herself enough to get back into a studio? Between farting and napping, there are not enough hours in a day.

OMG. Here was my train of thought:

Porny singing
When was the last time she sang?
On stage?
The Country Chili Cook-off pants!

We haven’t seen them in a long, LONG time!