She continues to soldier on – promoting her country album Do You Know at almost every stop in New York. Last night it was Letterman and two wardrobe changes.

First a black Herve Leger and peep toe Loubies which she wore on the show and then a long sleeve bore as she was leaving. I like the Herve. The other one is middle-aged. Like what your boss wears to a company cocktail. Which is fine if you’re the boss going to the company cocktail. But why take off the Leger when you’re Jessica Simpson, 28, on the rare occasion you don’t look Porny?

Shocking, non?

That Jessica Simpson managed to pull of Herve Leger without looking Porny. It’s a testament to Herve Leger – SO expensive but constructed like a dream, fits like a dream. Yes, even on girls who are not a size 6 and under.

As for Jess’s schedule – all this touring has apparently made Dallas Cowboys fans very happy. Tony Romo led his team to a week 1 victory to open the NFL season and Jessica is, at press time, not expected to be present for week 2.

You know what they say about sports streaks though. If they keep winning, will she keep staying away?

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