It’s like that episode of Sex & the City – Miranda rediscovers her skinny jeans.

Most women are familiar: we have fat jeans and we have skinny jeans. Fat jeans for when we suck. Skinny jeans for when we don’t suck as much.

Jessica Simpson, since that amazing performance at the country chilli cookoff a few months ago, has been keeping a relatively low profile, especially the last few weeks. We all speculated she’s been hitting the gym hard.

And last night Porny and Tony showed up at the Laker game. She was wearing her skinny jeans. Give it another week or two. She’ll be dressed in much less, weighing less, getting papped at Katsuya or something. A great example for her “find the beauty within” reality show.

By the way, it’s Alexander McQueen. $2,500.

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