She’s maintained a very low profile since completing her country tour. But with the confirmation last week that she’d been dumped by her country label, yet another Fail notch on her Fail Bait, it was time to show face and stick her chin up and out. Never let them know you’re down.

Which is why Papa Joe dragged her ass out to Beso the other night for a family dinner. Both his girls present and accounted for, and (he hopes) a future son-in-law too. The first sighting we’ve had of Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo together in a very long time.

As you can see, Jessica is dressed for a senior citizen Carnival cruise.

So what’s next for her? What will she do when Romo’s off season runs out? Really, what’s left for her to suck at?

Two words:

Celebrity Apprentice.

Can you imagine? Celebrity Apprentice with both Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan? Totally PVR-worthy. My PVR has great taste.

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