The Power of Friendship

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 11, 2008 07:00:00 June 11, 2008 07:00:00

True friendship moves mountains, even if it’s only 2 days old and imaginary. The point is…it’s TRUE. My pledge on Monday to be Jessica Simpson’s true friend comes from a good place. It is a small place in the Siberia of my soul but it is a good place nonetheless. Besides, this is not a girl who can pick and choose. This is a girl who is hard up for genuine caring relationships.

And as you can see, when a genuine, caring relationship is presented to her, the results are remarkable. Jess has not looked like sh*t since arriving in New York. Not looking like sh*t, or a tranny for that matter, is an accomplishment.

Here’s Jess out for dinner last night in a yellow dress, non-offensive footwear, and a killer D&G clutch. Must have that clutch. That clutch should be my break present. All you pregnant ladies get push presents. Non child bearing bitches should get presents too. That clutch would soothe my elbow.

Sorry to digress.

Friendship is a powerful thing. Jessica has mine. Am determined to help avert another high waisted disaster. Will shelter her in the Love Storm. That"s what friends are for.

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