Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson, and their two children were seen at LAX yesterday. Not sure where they’re going. Maybe Dallas? Probably not Dallas? I say this because last week, I read an article about the Dallas Cowboys. It was a playoff bye week for the team, apparently their first since Tony Romo’s first full season as QB1. Remember what he did on his bye week? He was dating Jessica at the time. And they went, along with a couple of other players, to Cabo. They were papped there. And it resulted in SOOOOO much shade! SO much that, clearly, in Dallas, people are STILL thinking about it! And writing about it! That’s how angry they were! If you need a visual for that anger, see below:

It got worse because after the trip, in the playoff game, Romo played like sh-t and the Cowboys did not advance. Their relationship did…but not for much longer. Tony Romo is on longer the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. He lost that job to Dak Prescott this season. Dak is playing in his first playoff game on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Jessica moved on. To another football player, with much less impressive credentials and much more lasting results.

This moment in Gossip Nostalgia was brought to you by her eternally bad taste in jeans.