Oh now this is just too easy…

Jessica Simpson posted this shot on Instagram the other day with the caption:

Hiding from the paparazzi, so why not pose for Eric?

As IF she hides from the paps.

She wasn't hiding from them when she was leaving dinner the same night in the same outfit. So…was this really about hiding. Or was this more about exposing?

And you wonder why I call her Porny. Porny in the backseat.

But there are certainly ways to do it when you can control how far your dress rides up and also how far your tits get jammed into your face…after you’ve lost all the baby weight. And that’s where the value is.

“I love this body and what it's capable of -- no matter what size. But this version feels really good.”

That’s how she described her achievement. But how come she wasn’t giving us shots like this in the backseat “no matter what the size”? This is the disconnect for me here – specifically with her. Because the “right” thing to say is “love yourself no matter what”. The true thing to say is “love yourself MORE when you’re skinny”. And she gets paid $3 million to get there.