Porny arrived in NYC yesterday in advance of her show at Madison Square Garden where she’s opening for Rascal Flatts. TMZ has just posted this video of Jessica being asked by the paps if she thinks she’ll be well received in New York.

Her response:

“It’s sold out!”

As a matter fact, points out TMZ, the show is not sold out.

Thing is, I don’t think this was a case of Porny talking out of her ass. She normally does…but this time, this time she probably truly believed what she was saying. That the show is sold out. Because this is what they told her. These are the lies they tell her.

3 small words – so insightful.

Porny has no friends who will be honest. Instead, it’s her father, the sycophants, the hangers-on, it’s all of those useless f-cks standing around feeding her bullsh-t, keeping her clueless:

No baby! You look great!

Those pants are so flattering when they ride up over your belly!

Everybody loves the way you sing!

You were really great in that movie!

The lies! The lies they tell her! They will claim they are protecting her but this is not protection!??!!!??? It’s coddling, it’s babying, it’s a disservice to a grown woman.

At we will work to help Porny think for herself, dress for her body, and hopefully sing without vocal gymnastics.

Are you ready to join us?

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