Sometimes the universe does have a plan…

Aaron Rodgers is going to the Super Bowl. He of course is QB1 in Green Bay. Meanwhile, their last QB1, some prick called Brett Favre, who f-cked them over, did his best to piss away his legacy this year as his career came to an end amid a flurry of cocktexts It’s like it’s been scripted, non?

But…did you know Aaron Rodgers is dating useless Vanessa from Gossip Girl? Seems he and Jessica Szohr are a couple, have been seen together on several occasions, dinners, double dates, and they’ve been together since at least Christmas. Which totally means they’ll be engaged by summer.

Is it uncomfortable though that she goes to work with her ex-boyfriend? And that she and Ed Westwick have had an on-off situation for almost two years? That she supposedly stepped out on him and he took her back and their relationship has been a series of makeup sex encounters for the last six months, at least until she hooked up with Aaron?

Having said that, there’s nothing quite as attractive as status, especially where this girl is concerned. It’s not like Vanessa is anyone’s favourite character. And if Rodgers and the Packers go on to win on February 6th, as far as athlete boyfriends are concerned, this one is a huge get. That said, pro athletes are probably even more unfaithful than actors. Someone should commission a study on this.

This is Jessica earlier this month promoting SoBe Lifewater. The girl is gorgeous. I don’t understand why she has to wear so much makeup on the show. Or is it that she has one of those faces that doesn’t hold foundation well to camera?

New Gossip Girl tonight!

Thanks Kathleen!

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