But no one believes her.

When I saw them together last month at the Chateau Marmont, he did seem really into her. They make a disgustingly attractive couple. And although they keep f-cking around with her makeup and her hair and her clothes on Gossip Girl, Jessica is GORGEOUS.

But according to Page Six Jessica Szohr is currently in London, begging for forgiveness from Ed Westwick. While he’s been there shooting a movie, she’s living it up in LA and allegedly hooking up with rich boys and taking them back to her hotel. And apparently she hasn’t been discreet. News of her behaviour quickly travelled back to Ed who promptly killed their relationship over the phone.

Jessica is claiming she’s innocent and, without packing a stitch, hopped on a plane to plead with him to reconsider. Her rep confirms she’s there “celebrating her birthday with Ed” and insists that the Post’s story “has no merit." Which totally means it’s the beginning of the end. It’s summer time. At their age, young, hot, wealthy, and connected, summertime is for singles....

Photos from Wenn.com and AXELLE/Bauergriffinonline.com