They say there’s a recession but you wouldn’t know it here in Cannes. They say the studios have scaled back a fair bit. It’s my fourth year, so far it doesn’t seem so different, but then again, I’m not wheeling and dealing in backrooms. Whatever’s happened on the hustle however doesn’t seem have made a difference on the Croisette.

Every year, the big blockbusters splash the beach with their stunts. Usually right outside the Carlton Hotel. The other night while we were walking to meet our ride to go to the Grey Goose party, on the pier just across from The Carlton, 2012 put on a light display on the water. And the Carlton itself is now a billboard. Major film banners hang from the front windows, the entire entrance, right now, is totally Christmas themed. There’s a tree, there’s snow, there’s a sleigh…

And there’s Jim Carrey a short time ago, with Jenny McCarthy, and Robin Wright and Colin Firth at the photo call for A Christmas Carol. The 3D movie from Robert Zemeckis is scheduled for release November 6 but you know how it is: never too early to hype. Gary Oldman is in it too. Not surprisingly, Gary was not present today. Clusterf-cks at Cannes don’t seem to be his thing.

I was rushing towards the palais when it was all going down. Ran into a huge crowd gathered to gawk. And when that happens, it doubles your walking time. This is a problem when you’re hurrying to file on a deadline.

Meanwhile photographers seemed to be more fixated on Jim and Jenny than anyone else. And they worked it more than anyone else.

Jenny! Jenny! Jeem! Jeem!


Over the other cast members?

What about Colin???!!!


(am making voice very small) He isn’t quite so photogenic lately, is he?

No but still, I hear you, you’re right. It’s no excuse. More Colin. Less Jenny. Ugh. Where is the hierarchy?

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