A joint interview on Chatty Man. The best 13 minutes of my day. It’s worth 13 minutes of your day too. They are promoting The Way Back. They are really, really cute together. Opposites. Jim the quiet, unassuming, reluctant movie star and Colin in the spotlight, always. He even concedes to this at the end, when watching childhood home video. And the second half of the interview it’s Farrell only which kinda made me uncomfortable but from a tv perspective, if I’m the producer in the host’s ear, I focus on him too because that’s where your drama and soundbites come from.

You will note that Colin makes everything, EVERYTHING about sex. Penis. Organs. Going down. Over and over again, dirty bastard, sex is on his mind. It’s not very creative, no. But I do appreciate his candour. He was, as he’s always been, very candid about rehab. Then they pull out his boychild photos and it’s all over.

But there’s a reason Jim Sturgess ranks higher than him on my Five List. I mean... keyboards for La Roux? Please. That alone. Also... the skipping “t’s”.

It’s not Pete-er Weir.

It’s PEE-er Weir.

As you know, I’m an obnoxious anglophile. I love love f-cking around with an English accent. It makes Jacek crazy. He hates it. I think I have a pretty good one (shut UP Duana, my English friends think so too). My friend Kate B from London told me that to really get it going, the trick is to skip your t’s. PEE-er Weir.

Emma Thompson hates this.

Thanks to the girls at Jim Sturgess Online for sending this over!

Here are Jim and Colin at the Dubai Film Festival today.

Photos from Andrew H. Walker/Gareth Cattermole/Gettyimages.com