This is Jim Sturgess with his girl Mickey O’Brien last night in London at the Legends of the Guardian: The Owls of Ga’Hoole premiere. MUCH better hair this time over last time. Sigh. I love him. And I love Colin Farrell. And their film is finally arriving in theatres at the end of the year.

The Way Back will open in select cities December 29th. Trailer was just released this weekend. Looks really good. And maybe I’m biased but the accents aren’t bad either. won’t be the easiest movie to sit through. I mean, that sh-t seems bleak. They escape from a labour camp. Doesn’t exactly sound like happy times to me even with the presence of two of my five listers together.

Directed by Peter Weir, with 4 nominations on his resumé already, The Way Back is now a possible contender for awards season early in the game, especially since it was so well received in Telluride. See below.

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