The other day at a London press conference for The Way Back I noted that there were no photos of Jim Sturgess and Colin Farrell, numbers 2 and 4 on my Five List, standing next to each other...and that was good for self preservation. Last night at the Spanish premiere of the film though, they did indeed go shoulder to shoulder. And I die.

Oh but who is hooking Colin up with all these great clothes? There’s a style thing happening right now that’s been dialled up more than ever before.

As for Jim, some of you don’t get this, and that’s cool, because that’s why you have you own List. But if your not-getting-it is based on Jim in still photos without having seen him on film, I have a dvd list for you. Start with 50 Dead Men Walking then if you tell me you still don’t want to hold hands with him, I will believe you.

Photos from and Carlos Alvarez/PEDRO ARMESTRE/Eduardo Parra/