It’s been a while. Not that Jim Sturgess hasn’t been working. It’s just that, well, none of what he’s been working on has been very high profile. With several films due for release over the last year, Sturgess is making some moves. He wants to be talked about. He thought that would have happened after One Day with Anne Hathaway. The movie was a disappointment. So …it’ll be Geostorm then. With Gerard Butler.

Here’s how Sturgess explains it in his interview with Mr Porter:

“It’s a chance to be in a film that maybe someone will actually see. What starts to happen if you do too many obscure independent films is that you can’t make any more obscure independent films because you can’t help those films get funding.”

In other words, he has to sell out and be Gerard Butler’s wingman in a movie (Geostorm) about saving the US president (again?) to build some leverage to be able to work on smaller, more challenging projects.

Well, at least he’s honest. Who was it that said, and I’m paraphrasing here, that you do one for the bank and you do one for the heart? That that’s the balance when choosing acting projects?

No mention of his love life in this article but he and Doona Bae were together in Cannes and she confirmed that he was her boyfriend.

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